You may not know it,
but everytime you choose
a NAOS brand (Bioderma,
Institut Esthederm, Etat Pur)
you are helping someone to make their life dream come true.

Thanks to you, Les Maisons de Vincent is now opening its first centre to help adults with autism achieve social integration.

Today, 2 April 2021, is World Autism Awareness Day
– the perfect day to say THANK YOU.


THANK YOU to everyone who buys Bioderma, Institut Esthederm or Etat Pur products,

THANK YOU to our partners, pharmacists, beauticians, distributors and retailers,

THANK YOU to all NAOS people,

You have all helped make this dream come true.

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What is the project?

Adults with autistic symptoms are faced with a severe lack of adapted living and activity facilities.

In France, most of theses adults end up living their whole lives in either mental institutions or homes for severely handicaped individuals.

The conditions for their well-being and integration into society are not met.

Hélène Médigue, founder of Les Maisons de Vincent association, initiates the design of innovative adapted living spaces that she wishes to set up alongside agroecological farms – thus reconciling the vital human (social) needs of autistic adults and the ecological urgency.

Hélène Médigue had already been fighting this battle for several years when she met
Jean-Noël Thorel, Founder and President of NAOS.

The first centre has just opened its doors in the town of Mers Les Bains in Picardy, France.

Contributing to local partner farms activities and distributing farm products, residents are giving a second life to the old grocery store located on
the first floor of this house.

Find out more at
Les Maisons de Vincent.