Biphase Lipoalcoholic: a major NAOS innovation, the benefits of which are donated to the prevention of epidemics during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

NAOS invents virucide cosmetics, a new category of public health product. The use of hydroalcoholic gel is a vital barrier gesture. Nevertheless its repeated use causes dermatological problems. The hands get damaged, dry out, which weakens our natural barrier: the skin.

Because barrier gestures are bound to become established over time, NAOS and its dermatological laboratory BIODERMA have created the first Lipoalcoholic Biphase solution that disinfects the hands and re-purifies the cutaneous barrier in a single gesture.

Donation commitment

100% of the profits generated by sales of the Biphase Lipoalcoholic product in our NAOS countries subsidiaries will be donated to foundations, associations and NGOs working to prevent epidemics.

This endowment will be made during the pandemic period to foundations, associations and NGOs working for the prevention of epidemics and according to the following equation:
For example, for a profit of €100 in a subsidiary, if Biphase Lipoalcohol represents 10% of product sales in the affiliate, €10 are donated to associations working to prevent epidemics. This payment will be made as soon as the 2021 financial statements are closed, within the limit of the amounts distributable according to the local regulations of each country.

Independently of this donation, the “shareholder foundation” has a humanist purpose. The Jean-Noël Thorel Institution ensures the control of the NAOS company and each year pays 98% of its dividends to an endowment fund.

This endowment fund supports philanthropic actions in favor of the realization of human potential.

Discover in video the shareholder foundation.

Discover the interview of Jean-Noël Thorel,
Pharmacist and founder of NAOS,
about the Biphase Lipoalcoholic.

« It’s a simple, strong, eco-friendly idea protected by an unprecedented worldwide patent. »

Why did you create this new category of virucide - cosmetics?

_Because barrier gestures are led to settle in the long term.

_Because the skin is an ecosystem in permanent interaction with its environment (including the products we use).

_Because at NAOS we are convinced that preserving its natural mechanisms helps the skin to regain its natural balance on its own.

_Because we are aware, together with dermatologists, of the damage caused by the frequent use of hydroalcoholic gel on the skin’s ecosystem.

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