We believe in ecobiology to better preserve
the skin ecosystem and to strengthen
its natural mechanisms

This unique scientific approach is rooted in biology.


Jean-Noël Thorel’s vision is rooted in biology.
His obsession with respecting the nature
of the skin and his high therapeutic expectations resulted in a unique scientific approach: ecobiology.

Ecobiology is based on the principle that
the skin is an ever-evolving ecosystem
that interacts with its environment
and whose natural resources
and mechanisms must be preserved.
Rather than over-treating the skin,
it must learn how to function properly…

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Wary of multiplying active ingredients,
this approach seeks to help the skin
strengthen itself and adapt
to its environment.

Different from traditional cosmetics,
the ecobiological approach acts deep
within the skin, rather than on the surface.
A therapeutic dimension is thereby added
to the cosmetic dimension.

Ecobiology, the art of skincare

The skin

is an ecosystem

Acting and formulating avoiding

The skin

is in interaction with its environment

Creating products that help
the skin to adapt.

The skin

evolves over time

Providing elements that favor
a functional balance.

The skin

must not be over-treated

Acting on the causes
of dysfunctions rather than overly compensating
for their effects.

The skin

reflects internal balance

Acting from the inside
and over time.

The skin

only needs what is useful
to its natural functioning

Applying only the required ingredients at the right dose.

"Perfection is reached

not when there

is nothing more to add,

but when there is nothing

more to remove."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Interview: Jean-Noël Thorel on ecobiology

NAOS launches the first Ecobiology Summit.


NAOS along with MedILS (Mediterranean
Institute for Life Sciences) organizes
an innovative summit on ecobiology
with scientists, renowned academics and Nobel laureates. The summit’s goal is to explore
ecobiology as a philosophical, scientific
and experimental approach serving
the living, nature and people.

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