Every day, every moment, NAOS is mobilized.

Every day, every moment, we are working alongside our 3000 employees around the world, and their families. We are committed to keeping them safe by encouraging teleworking as soon as possible. We applaud the commitment and courage that motivates them to continue serving our communities every day.

Every day, every moment, more than 50 employees are working at our Aix-en-Provence site to continue producing and delivering the hygiene and moisturizing products that are essential for weathering the health crisis we are experiencing. In addition, we have adapted our production line and started producing 64,000 units of alcohol-based sanitizer. We have also donated glycerin to the CHU of Montpellier for their sanitizer production. We have provided the highest protection measures for our employees on-site. We voted to continue our production activities in consultation with staff representatives.

Every day, every moment, we are working alongside our communities, health professionals, nurses and pharmacists. We are by their sides, committed to delivering cleansing gels and emollients – essential barrier and skin protection products. We are also listening to the needs of our partner hospitals and are organizing donations as quickly as we can. We have just delivered more than 5,000 hygiene products for nurses to Institut Curie and the CHU de Nantes. We are continuing our efforts with numerous hospitals in France. We have decided to donate 3500 FFP2 masks to hospitals in the southern region and have just ordered 50,000 additional masks which will be given to the Local Health Regional Agency.

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  Every day, every moment, we are working hard to improve access and knowledge. We believe that preventive measures should be combined with actions that protect and care for the skin’s health. We have consulted with Brigitte Dréno, head of the dermatology department at the CHU de Nantes to organize and share these messages as widely as possible with all our communities (doctors, nurses and consumers).

  Every day, every moment, we work to support research and we are proud to have provided the financial support to carry out a MedILS doctoral student’s initiative. In fact, Tinka Vidovic just won third prize in an international competition aimed at quickly bringing to light therapeutic approaches to prevent or treat pathologies related to COVID-19. This young researcher’s approach uses artificial intelligence and agile human methodology. It enables identification of an existing medication that has been tested for safety to enable potentially faster time-to-market.

Actions we are carrying out.