A unique system of governance

An advanced social and societal model


NAOS governance system is based on a shareholder foundation which lays the foundations of a new model, with the ambition of transcending the usual capitalistic schemes. The specificity of the model is the separation of equity holding and decision making power in order to create and secure the company sustainable growth in a spirit of fairness, justice and independence. This governance system ensures the company’s longevity, its cause and its reason for being and purpose.

This model enables to manage two types of activities:

Business activities through our companies:

NAOS through its brands, currently present in the Skincare sector and tomorrow in the Human Care sector;
NAOS Institute of Life Science which develops major research projects in Human Care (Health, Beauty, Well-being).
And NAOS Initiative and Finance diversification division which deals with shareholdings in start-ups or other structures working in the field of Human Care.


And generous activities via the endowment fund:

The endowment fund holds the company’s assets. It aims to develop and support non-profit actions at the service of growing human potential.

NAOS Constitution

The Constitution lays out the foundations of a new advanced social and societal model.


The Constitution is an official document
which sets a new model of governance,
with the ambition of transcending
the usual capitalistic schemes.

Conceived and written in 2011
by Jean-Noël Thorel, the Constitution
lays NAOS company rules and operating
principles within the respect of its values.
It is designed to allow:
– the sustainable growth of NAOS
and its mission,
– the NAOS brands’ innovation,
– the implementation of actions to reveal human potential,
– the diversification into the Human Care field.


illustration naos

The Constitution is a charter of rules
and principles presiding all decisions
relative to the four listed missions.

Its ultimate purpose is to ensure the longevity and development of NAOS activities through sustainable growth.


Represented within NAOS governance
by the President Jean-Noël Thorel together with Céline Nebout and Alexandre Dhuiège,
it sets the decision-making process for the nomination of different authorities within the company and for the undertaking of major investments.