A culture open to the world and to others

8 indivisible values based on the way we act as much as on the way we are.
These 8 values unify NAOS communities and reflect its identity.

The way





For a company, being profitable is necessary: for it to exist, to last.

It doesn’t stop there, however: it also implies being beneficial to others, being useful to all our communities and to society.

NAOS has to be beautiful by nature. Because we don’t work to make women beautiful, but rather because they are beautiful by essence.

Because beauty emerges when things are done the right way.

We want to respect and celebrate that beauty in everything we do.

Acting in fairness is acting in a manner that is both right and respectful.

Rightness is for instance applying only the required ingredients at the right dose to preserve the skin natural mecanisms.

Respect, on the other hand, is the best way to sustain lasting interactions with the members of our ecosystem and the world around us.

Doing things right is a quest.

Being true in what we do implies being authentic when it comes to our products
and services.

We must take the risk of being truthful in each of our decisions and in each of our relationships.

The way


The intelligence


the heart

The freedom

to be


The duty

to speak

the truth 

Bravery reflects our pioneering spirit: that of a company that transgressed laws to create authentic products.

We have the constant desire to question and challenge the status quo in order to build a future that will never forget its ultimate aim: humankind.

Working first and foremost out of love for human beings, nature and life.

Nurturing generosity, solidarity, understanding and recognition for others, day after day.

The constant desire to satisfy others’ expectations and act with your heart, since only the intelligence of the heart can reveal human potential.

We aspire to a world in which each individual is able to think, act and speak out freely.

Freedom to be oneself is the foundation for initiative-taking, involvement and personal fulfilment that lies in each one of us.

This is what inspires us, as a cohesive system, to defend and claim our independence.

To be – rather than to seem – true to ourselves and to our values, sincere in the way we talk and respectful of words.

To be true and to speak the truth is a sign of respect and a way of honouring the trust others place in us.