The big innovations

For over 40 years, we have launched disruptive innovations and have registered more than 60 patents.
The relationships we have built with different communities (healthcare, beauty and well-being professionals as well as our users)
help feed our capacity for innovation.


Nodé shampoo, the first Bioderma innovation

The first non-detergent-based shampoo on the market. Its name comes from
“Non-DEtergence“ and underscores the formula’s difference which allows gentle cleaning. A shampoo that respects the balance of the hair bulb and preserves the biological characteristics of the hair’s hydrolipidic film.


Osmoclean by Institut Esthederm

A gentle exfoliating cream that deeply cleanses skin, offering unique, quality skincare.
An iconic Institut Esthederm skincare product, inspired by professional
skin cleansing methods.


Bronz Repair by Institut Esthederm

The first anti-wrinkle sun care product, offering optimal protection from skin ageing regardless of sunlight conditions while still ensuring a sublime tan. A flagship product
for more than three decades and a celebrity favorite.


Sensibio H2O, micellar water by Bioderma

Invention of the Micellar Water technology by Bioderma, leading to the creation of the new beauty care category. Sensibio H20, the first micellar water, still #1 on the market today.


Cellular Water technology by Institut Esthederm

A unique patented water inspired by the skin’s water and designed to optimize the skin’s cellular energy and vitality. The Institut Esthederm Cellular water spray became one of the brand’s most iconic products. The daily routine making it even more efficient.


InCellium UV technology by Institut Esthederm

The first patented intracellular protection technology to protect the skin
from photoageing and improve its natural resistance to the sun and pollution.


Photoderm Sensitive 50+ by Bioderma

The latest generation of global cellular protection, benefiting from the Defense activeTM patent, offering sensitive skin a unique quality of life in the sun. UVA = 50 / SPF = 50+.


MatriciumTM by Bioderma – A sterile medical device

The first 100% biomimetic environment for cellular and tissue regeneration, 100% inspired by the skin. A worldwide patented technology resulting from 14 years of research
in skin biology.


Etat Pur

Creation of Etat Pur brand. A biomimetic Skincare approach to bring the skin only what it needs. Nothing more, nothing less. Pure skincare products, composed of ingredients in perfect harmony with the skin and Pure Active ingredients that perfectly target temporary problems with optimal doses.


Sébium Global by Bioderma

With the patented combination of FluidactivTM and  Bakuchiol, this product recreates
a sebum close to that of healthy skin. It acts biologically on the causes and consequences
of acne-prone skin.


Atoderm Intensive by Bioderma

Ultra-smoothing formulas for very dry to atopic skins. Featuring the Skin Barrier TherapyTM patent which helps to biologically and sustainably restore a healthy skin barrier. A skincare product that soothes itching and reduces the urge to scratch.


Hydrabio Eau de soin SPF 30 by Bioderma

The first moisturizing anti-UV SPF 30 water mist. A new application technique: applied
in the morning to set make-up and touched up throughout the day.


Collection Intensive by Institut Esthederm

A breakthrough in the customization of emergency skincare beauty solutions. The ideal care to sustain or optimize the results of aesthetic procedures. The most efficient
molecules at the right dose, combining efficiency and tolerance.