The mission

NAOS is a cohesive system of companies and brands, life-inspired and heart-driven.


NAOS has propelled itself to the position
of a major international figure in Skincare through the success of its 3 brands:
– Bioderma,
– Institut Esthederm,
– Etat Pur.

NAOS has an ambition: become
world-renowned for the universal value
and the originality of its approach.

NAOS, a key player in the creation of
the Human Care sector (Health, Beauty,

The signature Care first. embodies the brand’s ambition around the care that NAOS wants
to bring to the world: health, well-being – attention, consideration – affection and love.

illustration naos

"NAOS is a philosophical,

scientific and cultural

approach, a way of being

and a way of doing

which can go much farther

than a simple endorsement"

Jean-Noël Thorel

The 5 pillars of NAOS

  • 01

    Be a source
    of innovative offers inspired
    by ecobiology

  • 02

    Be independent
    in order to ensure longevity through sustainable growth

  • 03

    Be an environment focusing on
    the development of human potential

  • 04

    Be a source of strong alliances with those who share our vision and our values

  • 05

    Be a company
    that is part of,
    and contributes to the change
    we want to see
    in the world